deeper truths

so i am a fan of a video game called undertale and one of the main reasons is because it has so many morals and moments and things you can learn from it heck i heard of a man who got his will back to live from this game anyways the main thing i'm getting too is how i show people these things like moments that made my cry on the inside or morals you learn from moments of the game and they just go "cool" and that's it and i don't like that because people don't seem to get the meanings behind these moments and characters and the strange things is people can react like that to books and movies but not this game and not just undertale but other things as well that i fell in love with because of some of this and people just don't seem to care as much as i do and that kinda makes me feel like i'm the only one who got the "feels" in amazing videos made by fans that portray these moments perfectly like (you will only know these if you played undertale) when undyne became undyne the undying and what she said before and after and papyrus always believing in you and sans and even mettaton and asriel and both pacifist and genocide and more so what i'm saying is that people don't seem to get  the morals and meanings like i do and even if i tell them they will just go "cool".

  • I hear ya! This has been my little gripe to myself today. However, the truth is, we are in the minority and expecting others to understand us and be as amazed as we are, is just asking for trouble. A common trait amongst us is that we automatically think people should think like us (without realising it) so when they don’t, we feel baffled and then we don’t like it. But the truth is, most people won’t ever understand what we’re talking about. My son says I can clear a room in 30 seconds because most people don’t understand what I’m talking about so they leave the room or the conversation. 

    And the truth is, we don’t need them to understand. We have many choices we can make out of this. We can choose to attract into our lives, those who share our world view and interests etc and in the meantime, accept others for who they are with their own world views. It’s not that we’re upset that they don’t understand us, it’s that they didn’t give us the response we wanted, so we have to accept that and just be happy to have all these morals etc, which include accepting ourselves as we are and accepting others as they are. Life can be tough sometimes but that is just life showing us where we’re not practicing our own morals etc. You’ll get the hang of it. You’ve got tremendous awareness etc and insights which is great, but there are fewer people to share your wisdom with. 

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