February 2018 - A Thread With No Topic...

Greetings to all who read. I state first a thing that all should know: This NAS Forum is currently experiencing Errors which cause entire Posts to disappear and appear at random... once a Thread passes a certain length.

(...And if NAS happens to be reading... please start a new "Feedback" Thread, okay? I am asking you politely, here where you cannot miss it.)

...Apart from that, this is (an attempt at) a new Miscellaneous Topic Thread. Thank You Kindly.

  • Given that this Internet business sort of allows conversation with strangers... there are some weird questions I have often thought of asking. Brace yourselves, this really is weird...

    Which way does the Toilet face in your house? And which way does the Entrance face?

    Mine (Family house) faces sort of East-South-East. And the main enterance is North. I suppose this is a sort of "Feng Shui" question, and it is to do with "fortune" and some Races & Persons will only live in a home which meets certain criteria, and some countries they will only build houses in a certain way...

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