TouchScreen Users - An appeal, Dated February 2018.

Greetings from myself. With regards to Logging On, the Home Screen (of this Forum), I am asking anyone to simply answer "Yes" or "No" at the very least. Thank You kindly.

...After it has all finished loading, and when the text is not moving. To click upon a certain Thread, Title, User, Last Reply... any of that. Has anyone else noticed that it now instead jumps up or down onto another distant Thread?

First Thread

Second Thread

Third Thread

...upon tapping "Third Thread", what happens is that "First Thread" is opened.
Just like the recent troubles of Disappearing Posts (and Notifications which I would not know about, sorry)... I am wondering if this is a new Error which does not only happen to myself.
I expect this to be a very short Thread, and I shall take any lack of replies to mean that it is just my own old devices again...!
Thanks Much, to anyone reading this far, yet I am only asking about TouchScreen Devices (EReaders, SmartPhones, things which do not have a ScrollBar and/or WIMP-Cursor).

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  • Yes that sometimes happens to me on my smartphone. Also sometimes I am about to click onto a thread just as the page is being refreshed and I lose the thread as it moves position or disappears. The experience on a smartphone is definitely different, it’s particularly awkward with private messaging (reading the full message, scrolling up and down the message and being able to see it to reply to). Also I have been experiencing the flickering you mentioned in another post which is most uncomfortable.But in spite of it’s glitches and errors lack of menu etc I’m still glad we have it. 

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