Daily experience of an autistic

My Universal Credit, work coach referred me  to learndirect for a week long customer care course.

Yesterday I had my interview.

A lot of form filling, name, address, phone no. Email, national insurance, next of kin phone, etc etc etc.

Q...  What is my ideal job?

What job I would refuse to do?

Any disabilities ???????

Around 10 Q about my style of learning. Multiple choice with 3 choices.

Formal face to face interview.

A Maths test. 

Place four numbers in order from lowest to highest?  

Someone spends £10 a week on travel.  How much will he spend on travel in four weeks?  Show all workings.


An English test.

Circle wrongly spelt words.

Add Capitals and full stops to a sentence.

Identify a verb in a sentence.  They even explained that a verb is an action or doing word.   

Week long course starts on Monday 29th Jan.

  • I attended the first day of the care course yesterday.

    The register had 21 names. We had 18 attendees in the morning.  I counted 17 in the afternoon.   Someone else  signed themselves in next to my name, I crossed them out and signed in myself.

    One of my quirks is counting people!!!

    For me the course went bad.  I lacked sleep, couldn't concentrate and I didn't even understand what some of the questions meant or why they were asking them.  

    At the start, they went through the standard government approved/forced talk about British values, extremism, radicalisation, discrimination.  And how we are expected to respect diversity in all it's forms of race, colour, religion, sexual orientation etc etc.

    Then onto use of the computers.  Login, passwords and warnings about accessing porn and other undesirable sites.

    More form filling and signing and dating.  Typical City and Guilds paperwork.

    Course itself unremarkable/boring.

    A group session asking each one to give examples of good and bad customer care experience.

    Thirty common terms used in customer care and what they mean.

    Filling out a workbook, where I was too embarrassed to ask what a couple of the questions even meant ?

    Constant interruptions as people walked through our classroom to get to two other classrooms.

    I hope today will be better.

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