Stranger in a strange land

Title of a famous book.  And how I feel about life in general.

I apologise for ranting. People who are not interested can

I try to mix and coexist but it's still a struggle.  Most people talk in code which to me is a foreign language which I need a dictionary to translate into meaning.

I'm still have four part time advisors helping me find work.  But they are starting to give up.  I get the interviews but I find the whole process strange and weird.  The feedback I and my advisors get is that I'm the one who is strange and weird, saying inappropriate things and that I'm quirky.

In the past I was much worse. I'm ignorant of good/bad manners because I unaware of how most NTs behave.  When visitors came to our house i stayed in my room, not interacting.  I only discovered on this website a few weeks ago that this is considered rude?

I was in my twenties before I discovered that it's the host's responsibility to offer drinks to visitors?

How to make small talk.  A B1006y mystery!

Eye contact ???  Only had eye contact with cats in my youth.  Then we moved onto nose touching.

Parties dates ??????   Why, what for?

Rant over for time.  Back to bed with flu. 

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  • Greetings. And yet...

    Robert123 - "People who are not interested can "

    ...Believe it or not, I did another of the odd things which I (try to) do, in spending about an hour, typing in a long reply, at a matter of interest to myself upon the Internet, yet then my thinking better of actually Posting what I wrote. I was honestly going to post quite a bit, yet I am confounded as to what exactly:



    Regardless of whatever else happens, I certainly agree with LoneWarrior. And, there have been quite a few other Threads, both new and revived in this past week, concerning "Social Interaction", yet I responded to none, for I know little about the practice myself (of "Social Interaction").
    Yet persons enforcing "Small Talk", "Eye Contact", "Manners", and "Work Advisors"... I *did* want to write about... yet I was uncertain as to telling such persons to, well, <Jack-O-Lantern>...To myself it is either confusing or nutritious...(!)