Why is always me he hits?

Hi guys, I am posting this as school are getting concerned about my sons violence, he has high functioning autism, traits of spd and Hypercussis, our son has always been violent and always had meltdowns, he has been suffering school anxiety, but most times its me he hits when he lashes out, ok sometimes his brother, but its always me that gets the brunt of it, does anyone know why? so I can explain this to school? I do not want them thinking its something I am doing.

  • Hi mumof4boys772,

    I think that kids and teens tend to take their frustration, their bewilderment, their fury and their distress out on the very person they love and trust the very most, as this is the safest place they have in the entire world to do so/show it.

    Who among us would show these painful things, these lost or unacceptable parts of ourselves, to anyone other than the people we are most closest too?

    However, living with escalating violence is not okay. I should give the NAS helpline a call and see if they can offer any advice or signposting to help you manage this.

    Best of luck.

    And a hug.

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