Typing speed


How well can you do? Is this an indicator of slow processing speed?

  • 229 CPM, 46 WPM.  I can do a little faster than that as I touch-type and have been doing for many years, but the test condition had me hesitating a little.  Having said that, I am slow at processing.  A fast typist would type the words without stopping to think, whereas I looked at the word first for a split second.

    Do you touch type?  It makes a big difference.  If you need to glance down at the keyboard to do each word, that'll slow you down.

  • firemonkey said:
    Is this an indicator of slow processing speed?

    I believe the short answer is no.

    Typing speed is a result of a number of factors, including: practice, familiarity with certain words or groups of words, spelling ability, the keyboard and processing speed.

  • I taught myself touch typing with a programme called Mavis Beacon teaches Typing, which in those days came on one 720 in floppy disc. It was brilliant,  I still remember some of the jokes on it.  I got to 60wpm which I thought was ok.

    I do have problems processing, I tend to start off slow,but can copy type a lot better than type from my own thoughts, I need a lot of thinking to get my own words down. I will try that test when I get to a computer rather than my tablet.

  • No as this kind of test comes down to copy typing rather than thinking about what you are doing. I have processing issues and I got 58 WPM on this test; under the right conditions I can type faster than that. I taught myself to type on my mother's typewriter as a child: she worked from home as a copy typist.

  • "Your score: 340 CPM (that is 68 WPM)

    Your score beats or equals 86.68% of all."

    I also taught myself to type with Mavis Beacon :)

    I don't look at the keyboard at all, my fingers know where to go (muscle memory).

    It helps to look ahead- when you are typing the current word look to see what the next word is to prepare yourself. And whatever level you are at typing always go for accuracy before speed.