A Query About a Theory: Of The Mind.

Good evening, to all. I attempt here a thing about how to "interpret" life in general. This is one way in which I see things, and I wonder if anyone else can at all understand it. (Or is interested.)

As if in Metaphor. This finishes up as either a MAP or as a SPIDER-WEB (pick whichever you prefer).
- First of all, consider a START POINT. This is, for example, when you are conceived (!), and then Born. (Frequency starts from Zero.)
- Next, as you grow, all that you perceive (hear, see, feel, smell, eat, etc.) spreads out from that, in all directions, into the Map or Spider-Web. (Unconscious Frequencies.)
- Finally... you turn into "an Adult". (Conscious Frequencies.)

This is a *greatly* simplified explanation... but what I explain is that, as memories form, your own MAP or SPIDER-WEB is basically a system of Pathways, made out of "Junk" (Emotions, Experiences, Food, Smells, etc.). It is individual to yourself, and may not always be able to make sense to others. Even identical twins would have slightly differing "Junk-Webs/Maps".

I can elaborate, yet appreciate feedback as to whether anyone else "gets it" so far. Thank You Kindly.

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