An IAI Podcast in Association with the Brilliant Club and Kings College London

UniTalks is a brand new podcast which unlocks access to university for the next generation of big thinkers – answering all of the challenges of applying for, and studying at, the world’s leading universities, above and beyond the A-level curriculum.

Listen to sixth-formers interrogate the UK’s pre-eminent thinkers and unlock cutting-edge research across the humanities and sciences that will shape how we think in years to come.

The Kings College London’s Agony Aunts are here to bust myths about subjects ranging from student finances to fitting in at university, and provide practical information on applications, and the interviews and admissions tests themselves.

Watch this space for release in January 2018, alongside a wealth of academic resources.

Want to take this one step further? Why not participate in the IAI School programme at HowTheLightGetsIn 2018, and question the academics yourself…