A dilemma

I live in flats on the first floor, with people below and above me.

About once a week I have to endure the smell of weed coming in to my bathroom/toilet.

Should I report it to the landlord or police or do nothing about it?

  • I live in a flat also and although I don't get the smell of pot the smell of tobacco I find disgusting and it often seeps up through the floors at night, but I especially noticeable if someone below lights up in the early hours.

    Cannabis in all its forms has an utterly repugnant smell to me, and I can imagine it's mystic properties are not confined to the smoker but also could affect those close by. One of the things to be considered by those who want it legalised. 

    Police often don't want to get involved these days for cannabis for personal use smoked in private premises. However a landlord who knowingly permits his property to be used for the taking of illegal substances could face large fines or even imprisonment. Which is why a landlord might evict someone who does.

    Some users think the smell of joss sticks disguises the smell. It doesn't! It just adds another foul smell to the mix! 

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