A dilemma

I live in flats on the first floor, with people below and above me.

About once a week I have to endure the smell of weed coming in to my bathroom/toilet.

Should I report it to the landlord or police or do nothing about it?

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  • Very VERY glad tidings to you, Mister Robert123. I was going to post a longer reply to this, as, believe it or not, I am a similar situation (for at least five years, to date). But I held off from detailing my own situation, because I do not know how such things are handled in LAW. You yourself know of the "National Police Autism Association" site, and I figure that this would be a good question to post there, as well as to have posted here (in this Thread)... and *maybe* they (NPAA) will give an answer... maybe.

    For now, I would say that I, too, also see and smell persons using "weed" (Cannabis/Marijuana, I assume?), and when that happens I, too, also do not know what to do. It is a very horrible smell. (All I can do is leave the area...) But I cannot always call the police, and sometimes they if they are notified, then they ignore it. Or other bad things happen. So, this post is just to let you know that you are not alone with this dilemma... Good fortune to you.

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