Hello! New here!

Hello, I have just joined and I can't wait to read all the things you have to say, get involved and learn all the things I can.

I am a mummy to a two and a half year old little boy. 
At his last CDC appointment we were told that he has severe ASD 
They cant officially diagnosis until he is 3, but they will do this without us having to go and see them again when he Is three.
I am very new to this all and would love all the advice I can get.
It is a complete change of life for my son, me, my hubby and my 5 year old daughter. 

I would love some new friends who understand what I am talking about as I have found that many don't understand and are just not very well.. understanding.

I also blog about what we are going through, sensory play, etc which some of you may enjoy and find helpful! 

I look forward to getting to know some of you and hopefully making some friends! =]