HI! I'm in my mid-twenties, I live in west london, currently working as a Customer Service Assistant. I have a diagnosis of High-Functioning Autism but my overall condition is Fetal Valproate Syndrome. It's basically a rare condition caused by my mum taking sodium valproate for a medical condition while pregnant with me. My sister also has it. I have close links with the OACS charity who have lots of information about the condition-https://www.oacscharity.org/. I notice on this forum that there were a few people looking for help and advice about FVS/FACS but not having much luck getting it, well here I am! I do have a lot of mild problems- I have problems with my speech, I have mild scoliosis, anxiety, learning difficulties, dyspraxia, low muscle tone, some sight and hearing, etc but I try not to let my condition stop me from living my life.

I decided to join the NAS because I feel I relate more to autism instead of my learning difficulties. I have problems with socialising because I don't have any friends in my local area. I have been in special schools all my life and the majority of my friends live far away from me. I used to go to a Mencap group but I decided not to attend anymore because I just didn't feel comfortable travelling from london on my own and as I'm high-functioning I would prefer to hang out with people on my own level so to speak. I have met a few people with FVS/FACS but I would be willing to meet more people who either have FVS/FACS or think they might have the condition. The reason why I put down 'think' is because one of my friends from college was recently diagnosed as having Fetal Valproate Syndrome. She's relieved to be diagnosed after so many years and I think I played a part in her diagnosis in that I was already diagnosed with Fetal Valproate Syndrome. Some people with FACS have different problems, some mild, others severe. We would all however like to create more awareness of the side effects of taking Sodium Valproate if you are pregnant and how it could affect your child.

So that's about it from me. I'm here to help and give out advice. I'll try my best but above all I would like to meet new people so I'll mostly be chatting. Looking forward to my time on the forum, connecting with other people.