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Good morning,

I am interested in finding up to date research to read, can anybody help?

Been working with young people with autism during their leisure time for years. Looking for ideas to keep the group fresh, biggest challenge is trying to keep everybody in the same room. Looking for inspiration towards helping young people with autism who display challenging behaviours, sound sensitivity, social anxiety, limited verbally and have learning disabilities amongst ADHD conditions. This is not to control the behaviour to but try and understand and make their time with us enjoyable.

Thirdly, I've just got a second job working 1:1 with a young person with ASD in a mainstream school, looking for useful experience, inspiration and resources.

Lastly, this month I myself have been diagnosed with ASD. I feel somewhat confused. Always known I was different, haven't felt comfortable telling people and wondered what others experiences have been when "coming out"

Thank you for your time, sorry for the multi level rant.

Mad Stoat. 

  • NAS23907 said:
    biggest challenge is trying to keep everybody in the same room

    People with autism are often really stressed by group situations and may be even more stressed by being put in a room with a lot of other people with autism. Autistic people can be really bad at integrating with other autistic people and it may be better to get them integrated into other NT groups where there is a stronger social ethos in place that they can copy. What exactly is this group trying to achieve?

    The forum has lots of advice on lots of topics so you may find it useful to get really familiar with the search the community to find threads on things that you are working on at any point.