Just wanted to say hi.

Hi to all you lovely people, I think I am going to feel at home in this forum as I can relate to a lot of what is discussed.

I have not been assessed or diagnosed with autism but recently had an enlightenment.

I am male and fifty four years old. I read an account of a lady who was diagnosed at fourty plus years old. Pretty much her life was much like mine. I was overcome with emotion as I read her struggles. First happiness then anger then a feeling of loss? Basically I cried my eyes out and blubber like a child. My mind was desperately trying to come to terms with the realisation of why I had struggled all my life to just co exhist in this world. I do not intend being formerly diagnosed. It has changed my life in that I find myself being more me. Instead of constantly adapting to fit any given situation. Honestly I don't really know who the real me is?

so that's me in a nutshell.

  • For quite some time I have been searching to find out my first ever post!

    I wanted to celebrate my first year as a member, I missed the date but now I can put that right.

    Finally I think I have found it, typing my user name came up with many results but no matter what search criteria I used it didn’t allow me to find the actual first post. I stumbled upon this as it came up with my first ever reply from DeepThought, an amazing individual who has helped me and so many over the time he has been here. I hope he is well and able to read this even if you are not quite ready to reply then thank you for all the understanding you have given me.

    And so the date DT replied was 15th June 2017 at 4:23 am, not an uncommon time for some of us to be online and I would like to say a big thank you to all the people who have helped and given me much guidance and understanding over the last fourteen months.

    Long may it continue and I hope I can also continue to give my take on what life is like being autistic.






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