New here

Hi. I'm Craig (newbie)  I've struggled all my life. Mainly from the age of 18  I felt myself getting worse with depression.  I'm now 31 and it seems the older I get the worse I feel.  Doctors etc knew there was something wrong with me from an early age but not alot got done.  I've never fitted in anywhere, always felt uncomfortable around others. Very anxious if I'm with more than 1 person.  I'm waiting for an assessment. Adhd assessment  is next week as that is what I came across first back in January.  this is probably very original what I've put.  

  • Hello :)

    i am pretty new myself.... i will say the short time I have been here it's a very nice forum. I am pretty sure many others will come say hello too :)

    i don't know what adhd is I am sorry, but I can relate with not fitting in anywhere.  Good luck with your assessment.

  • Hi Craig,

    Can relate to the long term living with depression.  Keep talking about It.

    Eventually you'll question yourself as to what triggers a bout of low mood.  Or if there was contributing factors.  To why your returning to the same feelings.

    Have you had any form of practical help,Counselling or any sort of therapy ?

    Mine is at its worse at present.  But I know what triggered this latest bout so for me it's dealing with the current problems.  

    Everyone's experiences is unique to them.  But I'm sure you'll be welcomed here.

    Don't know much about ADHD. Hope your assessment goes well.


  • Hi all I'm a mother of 4 boys and my 3rd son is currently being accessed for asd

    I have noticed over the last year different little things he dose that just didnt seem normal. It was only when he started nursery the teacher had said he has a few problems with eye contact and social beahavoiur he also licks everything possible walls doors and himself a lot I am looking some information on going about getting financial help for him as I'm a single parent with 3 other children and always worry about money and getting by I want my son to get all the help he can thanks maxy 

  • Hello Craig. Welcome :-)  I had my Austism assessment on monday 7th jan. Iam looking to make friends also.