Aspergers and selective mutism

Hi, everyone

Not sure how this all works yet as new to the site. 

I have 4 Children all boys from 21 - 12, two of which are likely to be getting a diagnosis very soon for Aspergers. I have already been through the diagnosis process once for my now 19 year old, but they felt he was borderline so could not do a diagnosis, now however as he as got older, they have decided they want to re assess as they feel he is on the spectrum. 

I also have a 14 year old, who is almost at the end of diagnosis. I have done alot of online research on Autismn and have also learned through my own experiences of coping with different situations, but i must say i am struggling slightly with my 14 year old who has selective mutism also and am wondering if anyone else has a child with selective mutism, that can share any pointers.

Thank you xx

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  • Hi again,

    To start offwith at shool we had not a lot of help, they new he was in middle of diagnosis process and speech and language had been in to school and occupational therapy and advised school on how to cope when he is upset, they also had doctors letters as for a long time we had problem with him not wanting to do drama and he would always be in a right state on those days missing all lessons, finally after I went to my doctors they contacted school advising them to let him drop drama, which he now has he also never does swimming at school and never has even in primary, yet he swims brilliantly, especially underwater. They then excluded him and I went to the governors as I was appalled. A so called behaviourist teacher kept shouting in my sons face telling him to get to class or he will be excluded. My son kept saying phone mum, phone mum. It caused us two weeks of pure hell with my sons Anxiety's doubled and not eating sleeping. I went to the governors and head teacher and put in official complaint. Since then he has better support although at times they still do not seem to listen. They forget I know my child and know how he best responds instead I think they feel I am a parent that doesn't know, but they are slowly beginning to listen when they can see my strategy is working much better than there's. He has 3 support workers, so on a day where he is anxious coming to schools!, one will meet us in carpark and sometimes after 45mins of trying to get him out of car he gets taken to LRC (library) where he calms himself down and then goes to class when he is ready rather than forced. We have meetings constantly and county are involved because of his absences. We are at hopefully what soon will be the end of diagnosis, just going to add at, but he is also be referred to CAMHS although they didn't help my 19 yr old much Frown we will see. I have to say I am so pleased I have found someone going through the same thing. Just knowing this makes me feel a little better and hopefully we can both continue to share our stories.

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