I’m a Autistic male with Aspergers .

My Autism causes me to struggle in many ways in this world it’s like when I go to work I can’t seem to keep up with everyone else I don’t understand things as good as everyone else and that annoys me

I have no friends and the loneliness just makes me feel more and more angry and depressed. I want to talk to someone so bad but even that comes with a cost

  • Hello,  Autistic male.

    Loneliness is terrible. It eats away at you until nothing remains but your empty shell.

    Every night before you go to bed, tell yourself about one good thing about you. And in the morning when you wake up, remind tell yourself about it again. Every night, add one extra good thing about yourself.  After a whole week, your feelings of loneliness will diminish. You'll be surprised at how much more confident you feel.  Loneliness is very easy to overcome once you understand what causes it—and that's a deep-seated belief that you are not likeable. I have been lonely many times, and those times have passed when I remembered to talk nicely to myself and be a friend to myself. Soon, I start to do things I enjoy and am content to be on my own doing them. And I have something to talk to other people about as an extra bonus.

    What are your interests in life?

    Or what things would you like to do, or new things you would like to learn, or new places to visit? 

    Can you give some examples of the things you've enjoyed doing in the past, places you've enjoyed visiting in the past? 

  • Hi Tassimo, you say you like fishing, which is good but quite isolated.

    Have you thought of joining a shooting club?

    A lot of people who like fishing also like shooting.

    If you fing your local target club and express an interest, most of them will welcome you in and show you the ropes. Good chance to meet decent folk.

    Also is you know of any pheasant shoots, ask if you can go and beat.

    Get you out in fresh air and you'll soon make some good friends

  • Hi Dave, it's the OP who likes fishing. Not me Relaxed

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