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  • Trees are constant, solid and round. They are always there for you to hug unless other people get in the way. Most importantly, all trees are different so you can look around and find the best one to hug. Trees <3

  • welcome to this forum

    I read your profile and have provided you with the overplan in getting a diagnosis and added my own tips

    from profile : cover the green camera LED with small piece of blue tack or even better a small piece of paper from the stick edge of a Post It/sticky note. Have the camera on when doing this to make sure the camera isnt covered. IN my meetings I keep the camera off because i find it make me anxious/not concentrate/play up when in a meeting.

    right here is the plan. click on the image to make it bigger. You can read Asperger,s as Autism. 

    here are my extra notes

    Make a list of reasons why u think u are autistic.

    include relatives in your family who are autistic or adhd or called weird/different

    and a list of occasions when u have been called weird, autistic, different

    the list should be electronic ie so you can email it.

    Print out a copy and hand to your doctor when u go to ask for an autism assessment

  • How do I make an appointment with a GP? It would be nice if I could go as just me without my mum.

    My cousin (5 years younger than me) has autism and my mum had(/has - she still gets upset easily) depression

    I wish that I could access the videos on the website for the girl with the curly hair (but paywall) :'(

  • welcome to this forum :)

  • I think my current excuse works (I am in a room with other people doing Zoom too) because everyone so far has said that that is fine, but if they do more investigating and discover that I could go somewhere else, do you think they would understand if I told them that Zoom is stressful?

    I think they know that my camera works because sometimes I join meetings with it on (not my choice) and I cover it up with my phone because I tried my thumb and it went orange rather than black. I think the environment excuse is definitely a last resort thing, but if I run out of other excuses, then I will try that one...

  • yes i know of another person in my meetings who attends by audio only --- its fine to say that the camera makes u nervous/anxious. people will understand.

    i think u may have to wait until u are 18 then u can ring the GP yourself and attend a meeting/appointment yourself either in person or by zoom/phone 

  • I find talking via Zoom or phone calls in general stressful too (I'm not exactly sure why). What do I do about that?

  • in my case practice.  i had a job where i had to ring people all day and every day (telesale job )  I just got very used to it.  its difficult for everyone and thats the thing to remember. Everyone struggles with it. I do. But i will do it otherwise i have to drive into to work and thats 1000s times worse !

    just think how amazing zoom actually is.   TIP always smile ( actually or in your head )  when in zoom or on the phone it changes ur voice and makes u more pleasant.

    keep doing zoom u'll get better at it. 

    Just before the meeting take 3 deep breaths and exhale slowly to reduce your anxiety 

  • I was reading some stuff about applying to university (I shouldn't be worrying about this because it is not time to yet, but I like to think about my future) and there was stuff that they said that I thought would be helpful to me such as allowing me to record lectures and then write a transcript of them later because I am not good at listening for a long time but then some websites said that I could only access support with a written diagnosis from a doctor :'(

  • What is the best way to practice? (I won't reply to messages you send me until tomorrow because I am tired and I am going to go to bed)

  • each university is different

    a diagnosis is defo very helpful because you show them your letter and then get on with it 

    but u have the right ( your current UK law )  to self declare. U simply say "I believe i am autistic"  after that you have to be treated as autistic.

    a diagnosis also helps identify your weker areas where u can ask for support.

    UCL ( university college London ) has a very good autistic student support. I just happened to be helping someone else who applied to do law there.

    look/search for universities with good autism student support.

    my mum is autistic and doesnt know :) and i have a nephew who has a diagnosis.

    your correct to plan ahead ( typical autistic thing ! ).

    I think u need to ask ur mum to start going for an autism diagnosis so that u get some support while at uni.  Show her my plan.  Even having the ability to say "i am autistic and I am waiting on my diagnosis " helps convince people u are for real.

    in a professional diagnosis they could also notice other things commonly found with autism like OCD, ADHD, anxiety, and depression, dyslexia, dyspraxia. 

  • talk to you tomorrow 

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