Hello all - recently diagnosed

Hello all,

I was recently diagnosed with Autism at the age of 51.

I had suspected I was autistic for quite a few years after various discussions with some of my family members.

The therapist told me I would have been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome if that terminology was still in use.

Fortunately I have always been able to function reasonably well and I think I have probably learned to do a lot of masking over my life, so many people I come into contact wouldn't even realise I am autistic at all.

I am just getting used to it for now so I thought I would join up here into this community.

cheers everyone.

  • Hi Javert

    Welcome to this forum u join dozens in here with a late diagnosis 

    Can u  please add some details to your profile eg hobbies favorite music,art,games,tv series, books, etc it just helps make connections

    this forum gets busier in the evenings 6.30 - 10pm


  • Hi - I would love to do that, but oddly I cannot find the screen to enter that information.

    Where do I find that?

    On the main webiste I can see "community setting" - it then tells me to click on the button to got to the community area to set up my settings, but when I click it, nothing happens.

    If I click the notifications icon top right, I can go into "settings", but there is nothing there about hobbies?

    I have a feeling that I might have set up a community account here a long time ago but not joined the main site, but now I have joined the main site and maybe there is an issue with the setup of my account on the community side?  When I joined the site this morning, my user handle "Javert" appeared there even though I was never asked to type it in, so somehow I must have previously set something up a long time ago?

  • Hi scratch that - I found it now - I didn't realise I had to click on my username at the root of the folder to find the profile icon.

  • Hello Javert and wellcome to the community and I wish you well in your autism journey.

  • Hello Javert welcome to the forum it’s a great community I’m a fellow late diagnosed autistic 34 me last month welcome.Grinning

  • Hi Javert, 

    I was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago. I am 46. Like you I have masked all my life and most people would never guess I am Autistic but the older I was getting the harder it was to mask all the time. 

    I am still exploring who I am and have found this forum really useful and friendly.

    Nice to meet you. 

  • Welcome, 61 and just diagnosed earlier this year. Also Asperger's