I'm autistic and making a TV documentary about us!

Hey all,

I hope you're well. I've just joined the community but was diagnosed in 2017. I'm based in Manchester.

For years, I've wanted to present TV documentaries but since the Black Lives Matter movement hit the headlines in May 2020, I've been inspired to go further for my community and take action. I'm currently developing a programme for an established broadcaster on autism and people's obsessions. I'd love to hear from people who have quirky obsessions and a story to tell. Read more at https://www.nickransom.co.uk/neurodiversity.

Outside of telly and autism, I'm a massive football fan. I support Middlesbrough as my dad is from there but am equally (if not more) fascinated by the Premier League and the circus that surrounds it. There's nothing better than some football and cold chocolate that's been in the fridge I say!

Oh - and my interview with the National Autistic Society is here should you want to read it - https://www.autism.org.uk/about/stories/nick-ransom.aspx

Always keen to chat to people so do get in touch!

Best wishes, Nick

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