I'm autistic and making a TV documentary about us!

Hey all,

I hope you're well. I've just joined the community but was diagnosed in 2017. I'm based in Manchester.

For years, I've wanted to present TV documentaries but since the Black Lives Matter movement hit the headlines in May 2020, I've been inspired to go further for my community and take action. I'm currently developing a programme for an established broadcaster on autism and people's obsessions. I'd love to hear from people who have quirky obsessions and a story to tell. Read more at https://www.nickransom.co.uk/neurodiversity.

Outside of telly and autism, I'm a massive football fan. I support Middlesbrough as my dad is from there but am equally (if not more) fascinated by the Premier League and the circus that surrounds it. There's nothing better than some football and cold chocolate that's been in the fridge I say!

Oh - and my interview with the National Autistic Society is here should you want to read it - https://www.autism.org.uk/about/stories/nick-ransom.aspx

Always keen to chat to people so do get in touch!

Best wishes, Nick

  • Hi Nick

    Just a quick point - do you have permission to place your advert on this website?      

    We get lots of people on here asking for members to take part in *their* personal well-meaning projects and petitions and surveys - all of which seem to be based around getting the personal information and details of vulnerable people.

    Also - new members immediately hawking their projects and posting links to their websites set all sorts of alarms ringing for us.

    You can probably understand if people would be a bit reluctant to take part in this.

  • I'm worried that instead of promoting inclusion this programme will do the opposite and re-enforce the stereotypical view of autistic individuals and increase the stigma we face.

    Have you considered making an alternative show that focuses on the diversity of the autistic community and our achievements? Or if you must look at 'obsessions' could you help to normalise this behaviour by including our PNT counterparts who are also obsessed with the same things? Perhaps the autistic and the PNT could be brought together to discuss their interest in the theme of 'we have more in common than divides us'.

  • Exactly - it reads as yet another Endemol / Ch4 Freak Show 'point and laugh' programme.     Sorry Nick.

  • We sound similar.  I normally give telly about us a miss but i'll try and make an exception for you. :)

  • The Autistic Gardener - cue the obligatory female members with their hair dyed either purple or pink.

  • i hope  u make it  in both senses of the word make :)

  • When's this on? They sound attractive.

  • it was on approx year ago

    was on channel4



    it's been sold to amazon prime video

  • Would need to see the pics. Not arsed about the programme haha

  • Hi all. Thanks for your feedback. As somebody who is on the spectrum and works in TV, I can totally relate to and appreciate your comments. This wasn't a contact digging exercise, it was aimed at finding people who feel comfortable in sharing their story. The programme is intended to be exactly what the autistic community needs, a positive representation. Naturally any programme commissioned would be subject to all safeguarding and duty of care responsibilities. If you think of anybody who might fit, please get in touch. Thanks, Nick.