hello I'm adele,

I'm new to the spectrum but have done thorogh research so feel i have a good understanding of it as much as i can

My parents dont understand it and neither does anybody else i know. everyone thinks im lazy and should just get over it, thats what my gran said to do.

at school things are hard. Im getting no support and bullies are after me all day long calling me names.

my birth mum is my greatest support. she helps me a lot except for weekends when i stay with dad and Julie his girl friend both dont like me.

My best friend is my cat Apples, he makes me feel good even on the worst days. Sometimes i feel so low that i can't go on

But I want to keep living because I want to be a vet when I leave school in for years time

It's just hard because asd has so many restrictions which im struggling to overcome

Sorry for the long message.

Hello from me and apples