Good morning

Hi everyone,

My name is Richie, and I was diagnosed with autism at the age of 45 after struggling all my life. It was a revelation.

That was 3 years ago now. It has taken a long time for me to come to terms with what has happened to me. I am lucky in that I have been able to work my entire life.  

At the moment I am currently off work, but hope that my mental health will be good enough to return soon. 2-years ago I ended up in the mental health unit, and was diagnosed with severe anxiety with a side helping of severe depression. I am working through these with the help of the NHS.

Family-wise I am married with two kids who have left home. I am finding lockdown very difficult as I work from home but my wife does not.  She has been sent home by her employer which has severely disrupted my routine.  I hope that this will all sort itself out over time I'm coming but as I'm sure you can appreciate those changes have made it very stressful for both of us.

I am quite enjoying the new social distancing rules, and how it makes most people keep their distance from me.  I love to talk to people, and the new rules mean that my volume of voice is now appropriate, instead of people telling me to keep my voice down! 

Is anyone else  enjoying the new rules?

Peace, love and logic,



  • Hi Richie, and welcome to the community, glad to have you here!

    Ross - mod

  • Greetings. I might say that gaining a reply from a "Mod" upon this forum is quite a rare thing. 

    In anycase, I shall thus also add - please give Yourself a Name and/or Icon (go to your profile screen). Also, feel free to have a look around upon this Forum and search and join in as You feel like. No pressure, okay.

    ...Both the Profile screen and the Search are indicated by an Icon with Three lines, upper right of the screen. Hopefully You might gain a reply here for chatting or just see someone like Yourself (i.e. married/with all sorts of children). Also generally We all do try to help each other using the Awesome Superpower of Autism when We know how to use it for the greater good of all Mankind and/or that sort of thing...(!)... so, Good Luck n'all to You.

  • hi Richie welcome :)

    im sorry the virus ever happened because so many have died but i do like the social distancing. at school theres not much talking and we have to keep well apart which i am loving every second of

  • yea, me mainly because I am working from home as opposed to the office with all the noise/talking/fighting over heating settings etc. I can control my own environment at home and walk out into my garden when a bit knackered :)

    welcome Richie