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I’m mum to five children, one girl diagnosed with autism aged 10 (11 next month), one boy aged 7 currently awaiting assessment for ASD and ADHD after previously being told nothing wrong by paediatric doc but consultant saw autism and attention issues, one boy aged 4 currently under assessment for ASD and two girls aged 9 and 12 who are neurotypical.

Really struggling with our 10 year old daughter, school have been little to no help all her school life, she doesn’t do P.E. and becomes really distressed when it’s P.E day at school and when school try to force the issue. We are finally getting the autism service involved with school but she moves to secondary school in September and I am worried about what’s to come. Has anyone else been through similar issue.

  • A few of my friends who have Autistic kids have had the same issue. The way they solved it is to make it a habit and part of their schedules on the weekends, so every weekend they would drive to the nearby park or go to the beach (if it's the holidays) and go for long walks there. After a while there should be a change, but it will take some time for the change to happen. Just don't force the issue on your child and give positive thoughts on how well she did for the weekend exercise and the change will eventually happen.

  • She does cheer and Pom dance on a Friday and Saturday which she really enjoys but she struggles with dressing and undressing especially in communal areas, also she knows what happens at cheer and Pom as the class is very routine led and i see it as a therapy session for her because it’s something she enjoys and keeps her active

  • Cheer and Bom dance is good, and from what you're describing it's changing in public that is the problem. If the school will allow it, she could change while in a separate changing rooms that that people aren't using or in a toilet if no other changing rooms are available. Cheer and Bom are set to be very routine based and a lot of people with Autism like having routine in their day-to-day life so it is a therapy session in a way.

  • I think because she knows what to expect and the structure and routine is very good, she’s absolutely amazing and very flexible and bendy

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