Mum of autistic Son

Hi everyone,really new to this and have never used a chat forum before!My 2.5 year old son has recently been diagnosed with ASD. If I’m honest I knew about a year ago but he was way too young for the doctors to pay attention. I’ve always struggled with him and blamed myself because he was such hard work and that I was maybe finding it way harder than I should of. Now we have a diagnosis, I realise that anyone would have felt the same caring for him as he does have additional needs:) I’m really looking to chat with mums and dads who have autistic children and would like any tips or advice on making my child as happy and secure and safe as I possibly can. My son has always had sleep issues and suffers from sensory overload and sensory deficit, any advice would be very welcome,thankyou!

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    I'll will let other parents ( of autistic chlldren ) reply. They will reply soon or tonight for sure. But can you in meantime please change you displayable name fromm NAS63919 to something else and if possibe add something to your profile. It just so we can remember you more easily and get to know you quicker. Thanks.


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    Welcome to the Community!  You might like to look at some of the other threads, particularly in the Parents and Carer's forum.

    There's lots of information on the NAS website which you might find useful, but the pages about behaviour may be of particular interest right now:

    I also just want to let you know about our Parent to Parent service which offers emotional support to parents and carers of children or adults with autism. This service is confidential and run by trained parent volunteers who are all parents themselves of a child or adult with autism . You contact the team on 0808 800 4106. Please leave a message and the team will call you back as soon as possible at a time that suits you, including evenings and weekends. Alternatively you can use contact the team via web form:

    I hope that helps.



  • I don't have any children, but welcome to the group :)

  • Hi there, my 2 1/2 year old daughter was diagnosed with ASD in August. I was also diagnosed ASD last December. I knew she was autistic from when I was 7 months pregnant with her as she just ‘felt’ autistic. It’s natural as a mum to sometimes struggle with our children, I have 3 daughters, the eldest being 21 and they all have their little challenges along the way and it’s ok, we’re human, sometimes we find things difficult. My youngest daughter has a lot of sensory issues, we’re having her assessed by brainwaves (a charity for children with SEN and Autism so cheaper than private) Occupational Therapists next month to get a ‘sensory diet’ put in place to help her with her sensory issues. What specific sensory issues does your son have? 

  • Hi, Bubbles 87,

    I am not a parent of a child that has a diagnosis. However, I am a product of parents that did not pick up on early signals. Signals, that you mention such as behavioural issues etc. I just wanted to congratulate you on picking up the warning signs and being proactive. Autistic individuals are incredibly creative and intelligent, albeit in their own way.

    I wish you all the best