Hey I’m Cal!

Nice to see you’ve clicked on my post :-) I’m Cal, I’m 21 and I recently got diagnosed with Asperger’s / HF.

I have sort of known all my life that I’ve been a little bit different to everybody else but over the years people have made ‘austistic jokes’ and it mostly went past my head. I spoke to my GP about this and she referred me to Action For ASD where I had a private assessment done. It was a two week process but I didn’t get my results for at-least 3 months.

I don’t really have many hobbies but I’m interested to see how I can use my autism to an advantage in life, I have struggled whilst in work a lot since I left college and since being I got diagnosed it’s helped me understand why I reacted in certain ways at certain times in response to certain things.

I hope to meet new people here and learn about others, their experiences and life’s.