special interest in disney characters

As an autistic person yourself, which one of you loves disney characters so much? If any of you love one, why don't you share about your disney characters interest.

So I will start first and then you guys.

My name is Adrian. I am a late teen with autism and sevre with OCD. I loves Disney characters very much as my special interest. The reason is because when I was in disneyland and I played with the disney characters there, I loves the feel of the costume. I loves the touch of the disneyland characters when i gave them a hug etc. And also because I found the disney characters are so cute, some are believed to has a similar condition to autism so i think i am related to them. I loves disney characters since as a child, now and i will love them forever. 

my favourite disney film is alice in wonderland, peter pan, stitch and winnie the pooh because especially these characters does have a similar condition of autism and these characters looks so cute especially the one in disneyland. make me really want to give them a hug. 

The reason i want to know which one of you loves disney characters as a special interest like me because i heard that disney characters are commonly loves by the autistic people of any age. so i really want to have an autistic friend (doesn't matter of age) who loves disney characters like me. but people with autism around my area don't really interested in disney characters like me as they are more into things like sport, trains, video games, science, maths and pop music which i don't like and some in my area are not interested in disney characters like me because some are afraid of costumed characters in disneyland. so it hard to have an autistic friends in my area so that's why i want an autistic pen pal throught here maybe and see does any autistic people of all age here loves disney characters the way I do including love playing with the costume characters and taking pictures with them in disneyland. so maybe we can be a pen friend together to share our world.