Should we diagnose?

I am a woman in her 40’s and I suspect my 10 year old son may have autism. I would have said Aspergers but realise that is no longer a diagnosis. I have been researching autism trying to decide if there would be any advantage in a having him diagnosed. I wonder if it would help him understand himself and who he is in the world more or if it would just be a label people misread. During my research it struck me quite unexpectedly that I am Autistic. Well I believe I am and wonder if a diagnosis would help me also. I have always wondered what the hell was going on with me in the world and realising I may be Autistic gave me a great feeling of relief and also a bit of grief for all the time wasted wondering what the hell was going on. Looking back it seems obvious now. I didn’t talk until I was 3 and then spoke in sentences. I’ve always been socially awkward and one of my worst fears in life is small talk. Anyway, I guess that’s it, I don’t want my son to wonder what’s “wrong” with him if a diagnosis could tell him what is different about him instead. Is a diagnosis helpful?

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