After filling out my Bio i feel this is the next logical step. I think my Bio is public so there's no need to go over that again (if you read it you'll know what i mean ha ha). Here's something i'm ruminating on presently - "Linear Time" - does anyone else have a suspicion (at least) that linear time is very misleading when it is used in any other way than as a measurement to represent the order and fashion in which things occur or are required to occur? Since diagnosis it has become obvious to me that being asked to project myself into the future or "plan" things or describe myself in terms of a future version of myself, how that person feels/thinks etc, is incredibly hard. I have stopped doing it for now under most circumstances until i can figure out what is a healthy level for me. How do people anchor themselves in a moment, fully competent in that moment with all their past propelling them forwards and all their expectations clouding their vision? I can only conclude this is not how the neurotypical brain works! I'm a brilliant Dad and a lot of being a brilliant Dad means i have to make sure certain things happen and are planned in order to get my kids to school on time etc, days out, meals, list is endless already without morphing into some sort of human-form TARDIS so that i can satisfy the whims others to the tune of expressing myself in linear terms. Quite the opposite, things seem to be of a more cyclical nature to me.

Anyhoo, thats the sort of thing that keeps me awake at night haha, sorry!