Hello........ is there anyone out there?


My name is John. I have spent my life - career as a  psychiatric nurse specialist, - psychotherapist. Have worked with many people with Asperger's syndrome over the years..

Back in the 1970's when I was training in teaching I worked in special schools.. where there were individuals labeled as Autistic.. 

Four years ago - just after my 58th birthday, I was diagnosed as Autistic - Asperger's..  The last four years has been a roller coaster of emotion and brain overload.. Firstly I was overjoyed to have an answer. I was no longer mad, I had ALWAYS known that I was different, not quite how different.. Then there was the painfully time when long time friends and colleagues denied my Autism, some denied me...

Because of my years of research and study, I am absolutely fascinated how the 'gender gap' works out in Autism.. Is the Autistic male and the "neurotypical" female the biggest gap there can be??

My Autism is a valuable part of me.. but I. am not an Autistic!!

I also have a daughter......

The world can be such a lonely.. place sometimes... there are so few people who truly understand...

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