Hello :) iam new

hi iam 14 years old. iam a girl with asbergers. it is very hard to soicalise with people that i hardly know. i have very strong intrests in film directing,writing,playing guitar.

i want to act in drama i know their are autistic actors and director that have it :

Tim Burton- film director

stanley kubrick- film director

alfred hitchcock- film director

Daryl Hannah- actress

jim henson- creater of the muppets

and various other people...

from them they inspire me to keep going because of what they have achevied.

iam really strong intrest in music expesilly rock music.

my favourite bands are:

(in no perticular order)

the white stripes

Jack White


the beatles

the rolling stones

radio head

the hollieys

fleet wood mac


the raconturs

dead weather

metallica (80s-90s)


jimmi hendrix

peral jam

johnny Cash

Buddy holly

chuck berry

elivis presley

jerry lee lewis

blue ocyter

alice in chains

this is just a few of my favourite band/musicians.

i really strongly dislike pop chart now music i just think its total rubish.

iam making a few friends on facebook right now.(from my old school) it keeps me soically healthy.

i just hate school right now its so... uch i cant explain

well this is what i like and things thanks for reading for who ever read my discussion, thanks.


  • Hello whitestripes,

    You sound like a lovely person. I have a son aged 21 with Aspergers and your views remind me of his in lots of ways - I like chart music, he looks down on me for it!

    He hated school too, he said he spent the entire time trying to keep his head down and not attract attention to himself. Do you go to mainstream school?

    Maybe you should look at the online magazine on the site, there's some penpal ads in there and you may be able to write to people of a similar age.

  • hi,Shell.

    iam not sure if its mainstream but its like an normal school that has a support center for people that have asbergers. i just started two days ago its the weekend now so iam watching films, listing to my favourite music and drawing ect. in my school one time they played pop chart music very loud and everyone was talking very loud (had a panic attack) i was very upset and i felt trapped i can only explain like my phycological dilemma (it was horrible).  

    thats funny coz i feel the same way about my mum about her choice of music but my mum doesnt like all of the chart pop she likes coldplay(which i dont mind) musicians like prince she really likes.

    i will look into that magazine ;) thanks.


  • Hello whitestripes

    I just love your interests and it was very interesting to see autistic actors and directors etc.

    I like similar music to you.

    I hated school i didnt fit in. i was picked on. i felt trapped.

    I dislike  modern pop music also


  • Hi Whitestripes

    It's lovely to hear from such an enthusiastic young person, I wonder if you still use this service?

    I am 25 years old and I like Acting too but atm I am struggling with Level 1 Art and Design at college.

    I have got GCSEs and a Level 2 but I was in a hospital for 2 and 1/2 years,

    pretty long story but when I was your age I never knew I had Aspergers.

    I would like you to know that you are very lucky for going to the school you went to

    and knowing that you have Aspergers at such a young age.

    It is difficult for me to make friends with other people in general but since I've been volunteering

    for Autistic Charities in my spare time I have made some out there in the "real world".

    Neurotypical people usually treat me awful at college.

    If you are in your late teens/the twenties now then volunteering might be something you decide to get involved in yourself.