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Just signed up... Saying hello. 

  • I love that ~ we left them behind! And we did, if we’re honest! ;) 

  • The ability to day dream for extended periods of time is the one ingredient shared by all great leaders, inventors, movers and shakers, etc etc etc ~ it is just that it’s widely misunderstood by the majority, but a key ingredient to success in life, none the less, especially when you know what success is 

  • Hey - thanks for your detailed comment! 

    I’m a semi pro water sports athlete who teaches swimming. My own method based on what the top swimmers in the world are doing. I’m also a multi activity instructor - Sailing Windsurf & paddlesports. 

    Magazine writer and paddlesports innovator. 

    My other job is an Airbrush artist - doing customised Oakley Sunglasses. 

    My swim isnt acredited but I teach loads of autistic kids and a fair few adults too. I built my swim school in my garage. Wavecloudswimschool.com

  • Daydreaming! It’s just an insult that non creative minds use to try and put creative minds down! Lol