Hello. Diagnosed last month.


I was diagnosed last month via the NHS. I am a female in my forties.

Wish I'd been diagnosed as a younger person, so that I could have received support I needed.

Life has been a difficult struggle, where I have been badly treated and also misdiagnosed.


  • I am so sorry to hear the painful things you had to go through before being diagnosed. I too am female, diagnosed autistic 3 weeks ago tomorrow at the age of 58. I decided to opt for a private assessment as the NHS waiting list is long. I struggled to get my GP to believe that I could be autistic so I didn't mention the assessment until my diagnosis was actually confirmed.

    This forum has been very helpful to me in coming to terms with my diagnosis so late in life. As you say had support been available when we were younger things could have been very different. I hope it will be better for future generations of autistic girls and women. I also hope that our diagnosis brings us some kind of resolution.

  • So sorry to hear things have been difficult for you. I too am a female in my forties and I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago via the NHS. I was told to expect some ups and downs in my mood when I was diagnosed but I am trying to stay as positive as I can. I hope your diagnosis means you can get some support now and that it helps you understand yourself better. 

  • female, 40s, diagnosed 6 months ago. There's a lot of us about!!

  • Hey Splat,

    Sorry to hear what happened before, but good to hear that you've got your diagnosis correctly now - hopefully good will follow!x

    Much love <3