Hello, Im new here :D

Hi, Im new here, so i thought I would introduce myself
my name is Autumn , Im 29 from Deal in Kent
I have Aspergers , OCD and Body dismorphic disorder, incase anyone was wondering why I am here :p
I am also here because I am super depressed and lonely and I really need to make some friends or destract my mind before i go crazy
My interests include art/craft, poetry, penpalling , anime/manga, rock music, tattoos, animals, space and science and food, yes i like food and baking
so yes, hello and hopefully I can fit in here, because i sure dont anywhere else :D !

  • Welcome aboard, enjoy your self,,,you will,

    people will soon start replying and you will find kind people here, we share so much, you are not alone at all, just give it time, 

    not fitting in anywhere is quite common here,,,,,,you will fit in just fine,,

  • Hello, AutumnRaine!

    Fellow OCD person here, foodie too.


  • Hello and welcome. Sorry to hear you're so depressed and lonely, and I hope you can find ways out of that soon.

    You'll almost certainly find other people here sharing some of your experiences and interests (eg space), and as others have said, not fitting in, means you almost by definition fit in here.

    Just one thing though, because the forum moderators might mention it too. I suspect you're using your full real name - and a lovely name it is too. Unfortunately, forum rule 2 says:

    This Community forum is public, so do not post personal or identifying details on it. This includes, but is not limited to, full names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers.

    It's true that you don't need to be logged in to these forums to see what is written, so someone could find out more personal stuff as well as your profile on a social media site. Most people here use a pseudonym (some of us try to choose a poetic name), or maybe their first name if it's quite common. You can change your name on this forum, by going to your profile up the top right of the page, then 'Edit profile', then you can edit the name to the right of the image. Something to think about, anyway. There's an email address communitymanager@nas.org.uk on the rules page for questions (you can't DM the mods for some reason unless they've already messaged you).

    Again, welcome. Looking forward to reading more from you.

  • Welcome Autumn. You will fit in here well. I’ve called myself Alice as I’m discovering things here. 

  • Welcome to the forum Autumn. There are lots of people to talk to here to help stave off the loneliness. I'm sure you will fit in just fine :) What are your favourite anime films?

  • Welcome, Autumn.

    I really like your name!

    I do not know anyone else with the same name and autumn is my favorite season.

  • Hi AutumnRaine,


    Much love <3