I have not been diagnosed, nor tested for autism but I’m just wondering if it’s worth getting looked at ?

So I’ve been an avid hand flapper from a young age, my mother repeatedly questioned the health visitor but she just said that I’d grow out of it. Well I’m 16 now, and still hand flap and roll when I’m excited and hyper, as such. I also have a strong dislike for sand. I understand that when meeting me, I do not in anyway seem autistic, but I know that hand flapping is a strong behavioural trait associated with autism. So I’m just wondering whether it would perhaps be worth visiting my GP to see what he says. 

Id be very grateful for any advice! I know there’s not a lot to go on, and I barely have any of the characteristics generally seen in an autistic person! But I’m hoping someone can shed some light on the other causes of my hand flapping. 

Thanks again 


  • Hi, I am going to see my G.P. on Wednesday.  I am a little nervous, but we will see.  

    I took the AQ test and scored 41. I have suspected for a while that I have Aspergers.  Since I have come to accept this, any anxiety has disappeared.  

    Dare I say, I seem content. 

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