Theory on Autism


I have a Theory.

For me I believe when we are born the brain runs a programme in each of us that makes us learn to walk, communicate, and socialise etc. What if something we consume blocks that process? Remove what is causing the block too late and the brain has formed too far the wrong way. Remove it early enough and the brain will revert back to the original programme and develop the correct way.

There is no consistent study that shows all autism is caused by something in our DNA.

Parents with no family history of autism have children with autism.

Children with autism often have bad guts. Why is it not more logical that something we consume causes the bad gut and therefore impacts on that programme of development rather than the less logical explanation that something in the brain is causing something to occur in the gut.

Just wanted to introduce the idea and see what people think.

  • For me, this is a non starter. I have no desire to know what caused me to be who I am. And I think that if research continues down this avenue, it is only fair to put the same amount of time, money and effort, into finding out why nt’s are born the way they are. I’m autistic yet my son isn’t. Why aren’t we testing him? 

    I would rather they put their time, money and effort into finding ways we can include our children, our nd ones, into this life. My undiagnosed autistic 4 year old grandson is not coping with school. But nobody sees that. He is the most loving, funny, kind and generous little boy I know. He greets everyone with a hug and tells them how nice it is to see them. When he wants to, that is. But all that goes barely noticed. When compared to he’s spoilt, he’s naughty, he’s a baby. His best friend, who is getting assessed for autism, isn’t coping with the school day either. I would rather they put their time and effort into working out what would help these kids. 

    I would go so far as to suggest that we really ought to be finding out why nt’s are the way they are. I’m not saying they’re wrong or bad or anything, but if the world was more nd friendly, it would be a nicer place to be, for many people. And those that want a fast flashy life can go and have one. We’ll make little islands for them. 

    I may not fit the nt mould but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me, until I see myself compared to nt life. 

    Oh, and I do have bad guts, if I don’t eat the right food for me. Trying to get me to eat meat as a kid was enough alone to give me bad guts and put me off food. But I don’t have to eat it now and when I don’t, I’m good to go. When I listen to my body and give it what it needs, it works perfectly. 

  • There was a research paper published recently (read about it in the New Scientist, can't remember how long ago) which suggested that Autism could be an evolutionary development, that in an ever-more-over-crowded world certain aspects of high empathy quotient may in fact be a disadvantage. 

    I don't know if I can buy into it on the basis of one paper, but I like the idea of NT's simply being tomorrow's Neanderthals :) and that one day we will rule the world. 

  • Hehe, yes, I like that too :) Not sure I can much identify with it though, somehow I feel a bit like a robot compared to people, I'm slightly lacking the things that so far only people can do...

  • So stop comparing yourself to nt’s. It’s like a rabbit comparing itself to a lion, it will always feel inferior if it does that. You’re not lacking in anything, who wants to fit into the crazy nt lifestyle anyway. Not me. Embrace yourself. 

  • So stop comparing yourself to nt’s. It’s like a rabbit comparing itself to a lion, it will always feel inferior if it does that. You’re not lacking in anything, who wants to fit into the crazy nt lifestyle anyway. Not me. Embrace yourself. 

  • Please. This is not about whether Autistic people are good or bad or right or wrong. I need help because I believe that I understand what is going on so let me begin to explain.

    The brain runs an automatic programme that shapes the phyiscial wiring of the brain. This happens in all babies.

    The problem is that in Autistic Children actually their programme is interrupted by both *** and Dairy Milk. 

    The reason that the results of diet change are inconclusive is becuase of timing. The key here is,that it is not changing the diet that will fix things but rather when you change the diet. It is all about timing.

    So if you change the diet after the brain is physcially wired for example in a 4 year old then it will not make a difference in the outcome apart from the symptoms associated with the digestive disorder will be corrected i.e wind, constipation etc.

    If you change the diet early then you allow the programme to resume and then you can limit the affects of autistic behaviours because the brain will begin to develop normally.

    People think early intervention i.e speech therapy and aba is at play but often people make dietary changes too ie they provide gluten and dairy free diets to their young ones.

    Studies are inconclusive because people are making diet changes at different ages and often too late. The studies focus on observing a diet change in autistic chidren of different ages.

    To prove my theory you have to make the changes to the diet of toddlers exhibiting symptoms no later than 15 months of age. Then you will see marked improvements in their joint attention skills, eye contact and general engagement. You will see a transition of interest away from objects to people.

    I can prove my theroy if toddlers present typcial red flags i.e lack of eye contact, flapping and parents are willing to make the diet change no later than 15 months. I believe in this case that all children will improve and not remain on the autistic spectrum at all.