Supporting families through play

My name Is Glen Connor, a profoundly Deaf Dramatherapist with over 15 years of experience in working with various clients, adults and children. I am also a trained Wellbeing practitioner with a specialist in child and young people’s wellbeing.  

I’m creating this project ‘Play’ through crown funding for parents with deaf children, I’m wondering if any parents with autism children would be interesting in supporting through play project based in London to improve on social interactions, struggles, learning, and development.  

It has come to my attention in my years of practice as a Dramatherapist and a Wellbeing practitioner, that children do not have many outlets for their creativity and imagination. It has been observed that playing has evolved; it is now easier to access technology based games. This can be seen as a good thing; however the social interaction is not fully developing in children. This can be noted in their ways of expressing their behavior, it can also hinder there development in four key areas; Creativity, Imagination, Emotional Literacy and Cognitive Development. By creating an environment that is safe for the child, and the parents, with the uses of games, stories, role play and sensory exploration the child begins to explore their emotional understandings of the world. With the uses of these tools the child’s mind opens to the possibilities in their imagination and their world, exploring emotions and the natural world and expressing these safely with their parents in order to create a stronger bond between them.

After reading my project background and my aims, any feedback or quires please don’t heist to connect me by email.