I would like to introduce myself and get some advice and support - Hello from Brazil

Hello everyone,

My name is Joanna and I am from Brazil. My son is aspie. He has been diagnostic for two months. Although I am happy that now he can have the right interventions in order to have a better life, I will be lying if I do not tell how scary I am.

First of all, let me say a few words about my son (2 years and 10 months). Lucas is a touchy-feely type of person who is always hugging and kissing us. And it is not just us: he loves to kiss all of his relatives. He smiles all the time, he loves to go out, he is a very calm child and I have never seen him in a meltdown crisis. Said that, it was hard for me and his father to understand that he has the asperger syndrome.

However, we couldn´t close our eyes for some of his attitudes: he has difficulties to play with kids at his age, he does not know when it is your turn when he is playing with a lot of kids at school, he has a memory that is unbelievable, he does not know how to start a conversation with anyone but he can say everything.

Now he is doing speech therapy and we are working together with his teacher and coordinator at school. Nobody things he needs occupational therapy because he is very well coordenate, climbs everything, run with his dog.

What really scaries me and my husband is how we can stimulate him to become a nice and happy adult. We know that he will face difficulties during his life but we want to make sure  that he will have all the tools to achieve things he wants. Also, we do not know how people will react with him in the next years. Right now, kids do not have any idea that he is a different boy but soon they will know and I am worried about how he is going to fit. 

Another thing: my husband and I do not want to tell (despite our family and close friends) about the asperger condition. I do not know if this a good thing for him but I want him to decide if he wants to be open about it. What do you guys think? 

Any help will be very much appreciate. We are struggling with this new cennario but very happy that we have a wonderful boy.

Sorry for my english. 

Best, Joanna

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  • Hello Joanna, It really encourages me to hear from people all over the world. Well done for being able to speak and write English which is perfectly understandable especially considering I have no Spanish or Portuguese!Remember that it takes time to adjust to such important information as a specific diagnosis of this kind or any life changing kind. So firstly do  not panic and just allow yourselves plenty of time to become accustomed to it. Secondly now that you know at such an early age you can do all in your power to support your son in the best way you can and he is obviously in a family where is very much loved. You are already working with a speech therapist and along the way you may find others who will help him along the way.  

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