I'm new, confused and I'm all over the place!

Hi, well this is daunting.

I'm going to see my GP tomorrow about my youngest son and myself. School has picked up on my son's struggles, just like they initially did with my oldest but he somehow got lost in the system.. This is so hard to explain and get down in a shortish message! I feel like I need to write my life story for anyone to understand, arghhh.

I know something is wrong, I have always known. I have just put it down to being "born in the wrong era" or maybe "I'm from another planet". I have been to and from Psychiatrists and been on meds for years due to anxiety and depression (personally I don't feel depressed, I just feel different, I don't fit into this world) I had a problematic childhood all Psychiatrists have always focused on that and put my problems down to that too. I know this is not true, not all of it can be explained by my past.

Anyway, I'm nervous. I am SO nervous. Nervous about talking and nervous about not being heard again. Wish me luck please