Burnout and Routine (especially exercise)

Another question I'm afraid....

I'm trying to keep going despite what (I guess) can only really be burnout and as a result I don't have the energy to stick to my usual routines.

Just to clarify, my comfort and order comes from my fitness regime: Pilates every morning, walk every lunchtime and cycling, SUP or kettlebells whenever I can - but I barely have the energy to move at the moment and my routine - my safety net - is falling apart.

Does anyone else experience this and if so - how do you deal with it?  and more importantly, how can I get back to keeping my fitness up?

(I have to add that burnout anxiety ruins my sleep.  I drop off beautifully but wake frequently from vivid nightmares, which really isn't helpful!)

Any tips gratefully received Slight smile

  • I think I can relate to this... It is hard not to exercise when it helps to calm your system like nothing else does. Good idea to rule out any underlying health conditions first by talking to your GP. Then if all is OK.... How about trying replacing some of the more energetic activities with gentle restorative yoga? The poses in this type of yoga provide you with lots of proprioceptive and deep tactile input which people find calming. The focus is on really looking after your mind and body too so might be helpful for you.

    Good luck hope you find something that helps. 

  • Thanks for the replies.  I'm perfectly fit - passed my 40+ medical with flying colours! 

    I do have a lot of pain related to joint hypermobility and have found that I can only do Kundalini form of Yoga without it causing me issues  - I love it, but I definitely have to be in a class situation to truly relax and focus, at home there's always something else to be done which is why I do more movement based stuff.

    Not exercising makes me itchy inside my skin, but trying and failing because I'm so worn out with coping in this wierd Covid 19 world doesn't help much either!

  • raining cats and dogs here big thunder storm really beautiful Slight smile

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