Personal Independence Payment (PIP) query

Hello, have any people here applied for the Personal Independence Payment and been successful? I have a telephone appointment on Monday and I know it will be a hard interview, uncomfortable in places. I know not everyone is awarded it. I feel like I am overthinking it and stressing myself out. My ASD mentor said I have a good case to support my application but I know others who haven't been successful first time and have had to appeal the original decision. Any thoughts/advice welcome. 

Thank you

  • The payment is based on your needs - things like not being able to feed, dress, wash, deal with money, journeys, social issues etc. -  It's points make prizes - the very fact they are doing a phone interview means you will score zero points for communication, comprehension  etc.    I think it's very unfair to do this - almost a scam to short-change us from the outset.

    There's a breakdown of the way points are awarded here:

    Be careful that they don't hoodwink you into minimising your problems to disqualify you - these people are NOT your friends.    They are trained to manipulate lying/faking NTs -  so we are a total piece of cake for them to railroad into agreeing that we have no issues and also probably apologising for taking their time..

  • I have it.  A ten year award.  So it is possible to get it.  Sorry i can't be more helpful.  Really psychologically exhausted today.

  • I know a lot of people who have applied who made fraudulent claims, rightly so the assessor will ask questions based on what you have written to try and ascertain if you're telling the truth.

    If you've been able to back up most of the points you've made with independent evidence, such as a DSA Needs Assessment, a witness statement from your menor etc you'll be in a really strong position.

    If you do have to appeal it gives you a chance to add anything you missed first time, such as the additional evidence. Your money will be back paid so its simply a waiting game.

  • the very fact they are doing a phone interview means you will score zero points for communication, comprehension  etc

    I do not believe this. The assessor is looking at whether you can do this activity reliably, safely and repeatedly. Being able to be interviewed on the phone as a one-off for a very limited time does not demonstrate this. For example, a uni student may have evidence that they can't take part in oral assessments as due to anxiety they find processing spontaneous verbal communication incredibly distressing. Another person might have evidence of suicide attempts that have been caused by the psychological distress of mixing with others.