Facial Tic Armageddon


Hello people. I'm at my wit's end, so have come here for advice. My tics started when I was roughly 19, a small narrowing of an eyebrow or twitch of the nose. I just turned 34 and for nearly the past year they're worse than ever: big flaring of the nostrils. clenched teeth, but mainly a huge, hard grimace that is so tight it hurts my eyes and gives me headaches. Basically this:

...except my teeth aren't as good. ;)

This happens several times a minute at its worst, and is etching lines into my skin. I gave up a job in front of a camera some years ago because of it and it wasn't even this bad. Doctors suggest counselling but then nothing comes of it, I'm on sertraline and didn't start medication until the age of around 25. Does anybody have any tips? I'm going steadily more insane.

THanks in advance!