My daughter Paige is 23 now and she has always found eating difficult, in the sense that she’s not adventurous when eating as she’s afraid foods she doesn’t know will make her sick, and that if for one reason or another she feels unwell or has an effect after eating a food that particular food is put on to her “forbidden” list, never to be eaten ever again. Now Paige eats very little other than sandwiches, cheese, hot dogs in rolls and until recently tomato soup. The soup recently caused her heartburn so that has now also been added to her forbidden list.

Paige is not eating enough and I’m worried that she’s going to make herself very sick in the end. I’ve expressed my concerns to her but she says she’s too scared to try new foods or the foods that made her feel weird. I am worried and I don’t know how to help her with this. She won’t see her gp or anybody else about it. Please help me.