The New Government "Virus Tracker" App/Software

...Greetings, Anyone, This is My first Thread since March ("Lockdown")... (Perhaps a pattern may be seen here. Thus anyone of a paranoid/nervous nature (e.g.Myself!) might best not read further...)

I start This Thread seeing if anyone else understands what I am also thinking. I once read in a Newspaper that "The UK is the most surveillance-heavy Nation after China and Russia"... so what will this "Virus Tracker App" be doing after 2021, given that it has & links Names, or EMails, or Addresses, or Details about a Person...? 

Also, what is to stop Persons putting in a False Name/Address/Email...instead of their own? 

Also, what if a person is forced to isolate (through being contacted by this App)... then after 14 days they have no symptoms... but then upon the <>13th day they get yet another message forcing them to Isolate again? (& Over & over...)

Also, what is to stop Malicious Hackers from falsifying information about others...?

...Apart from all of that... Glad Tidings to anyone reading.