What is the way out of this situation?? Or am I going to be made to carry on like this for the [edited by mod: explicit language] rest of my life?


Only today I yet again ended up being snapped at by my dad because of having too much trouble with interpretation - even though I [edited by mod: explicit language] WAS listening to everything he and my mum were saying to me! When will I be able to move out of this environment? When will someone show me the way out for crying out loud? I have already been letting the people over in Britain know just how unhappy I am and have been for a long time - I don't want to end up taking out my severe depression on the other special needs residents when I finally get back to Britain! Because I am already considering seeing a mental health therapist and having professional counselling! In a few years from now I will end up having to check into a psychiatric ward, because I will have become EVEN MORE severely depressed and EVEN MORE psychologically damaged than I [edited by mod: explicit language]  ALREADY am at the moment!

"I didn't want to write about my struggles with severe depression - one of the support workers [edited by mod: explicit language] told me to!!"

"We never told you to write about your struggles with severe depression!! Did you hear that come out of our mouths - ANY of us????"

"Do you want to leave this accommodation?? Because I WILL end up phoning social services!!"

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