Need Help Please

I’m feeling at my lowest point and I need help please. I don’t know what to do, but I know I need help. My mind is a mess and I can’t do anything. I couldn’t go to work today, my chest is aching worse than ever and I’m tired I can hardly keep my eyes open. The attack will pass. Have to keep breathing softly. But my mind it’s so bad and I’m finding it hard to control the darker thoughts and my personality disorders are acting up it’s like having a billion people in my head all at once. I’ve phoned my doctor and my therapist both aren’t answering. Has anybody else experienced? Please help me I need help with this asap. Lora.

  • It may be worth seeing a gp, as its a possibility you could have chronic fatigue syndrome and /or fibromyalgia..(the physical aspect/bodily)

    The mania(billions of people) could be due to depression.I spoke to the wellbeing service only yesterday and explained the very same thing youve indicated here.,and they told me its a classic symptom of depression anxiety and stress.

    In no way am i playing anything down, not for you nor myself...but this lady called Amy(wellbeing service) was merely stating that its a very usual symptom of she hears it on a daily..whereas you and i, and whoever else suffers this...We feel its just us and its a feeling of insanity at times...

    If you have a wellbeing service in your area... they can triage you over the phone(hour call) and the cbt etc is a good start .

    Im finding gps dont seem to do anything....its a terrible state within the nhs, *in my experience.*for Autism etc and all the co morbid conditions that may come along with Autism..Ocd, depression, anxiety....

  • Hey :) if your doctor and therapist aren't reachable and you need help urgently, call 112, they can help you!x

  • My gp gave me sleeping tablets and thinks I had exhaustion. That hasn't helped at all. He didn’t even enquire about the voices and personality problem, I don’t think he really cared that much. I’m not sure about you guys but I’ve noticed that people in the medical profession don’t really care or take people with autism seriously at all! Whenever I’ve had a problem they try and get rid of me as quickly as possible. My therapist is about the only one who cares about me and takes me seriously, when she answers the phone. I haven’t been able to get hold of her for the last couple of days and that makes my head feel even more distant and confused.

     I was at A&E the other day as well. I pressed a knife in my hand and it needed stitches, that was what I call one of my echo thoughts. A thought which presents itself and then echoes like a whining child until I finally act on the thought. It hurt a lot and still hurts now. The nurse asked me what happened and I said it was an accident, then I tried to get hold of my therapist again and still no answer.

    I’m scared I’m going to do something really awful or that I’ll just lose my mind completely. It sucks. No one cares or wants to help :( It’s like being in a fast flowing river, fighting to stay above but the more I try the quicker the current gets and it’s drowning and killing me.

    My gp doesn’t want to help and I’ve tried helping myself but half the time I’m not even me so what can I do? Just want to give up now. This life is a pitiful mess and a joke :(