Reasons you DON'T want to die, whether deliberately or not...


I am currently working on a suicide prevention/crisis plan. One of the questions are 'what are your reasons for living', I really have no idea and can't think of any and have said this to my worker.

I wondered what other ASD/AS people's answer would be to this.

If you can, a sentence or two written would be welcome.


  • My reasons for living:

    My 3 daughters, they need me because I’m their mummy, even my eldest who has my first grandchild on it’s way (Eek!)

    My husband, we drive each other round the bend most of the time but he’d be lost without me

    My friends, Autistic people can and do have friends, I have a number of friends who mean a lot to me and who I support in various ways, 1 or 2 of whom I think are a bit short on the friends front and I wouldn’t want to think of them being lonely

    My group for Autistic women that I run locally, I think it’s fair to say that both the monthly meetings and the online group provide a source of support for members, I wouldn’t like to think of them going without that support 

    The Beaver Scout Group that I run, where would they be without Fox to prepare activities for them to enjoy and to get them all out at dodgeball very quickly 

    I could think of more but ultimately, I enjoy life and I’ve always had the mind set that no matter how bad things get (and believe me there have been times when things have been very bad) they will always get better, and they always have done! 

    Sorry if I’m coming across as overly positive BUT in a round about way I’m trying to point out that there is always a reason to live! I am Autistic, I also have an acquired brain injury too after nearly getting killed by a recycling truck 12 1/2 years ago, I ended up in a psych hospital for a bit after that as my depression got so bad and at that time I couldn’t think of a reason to live. But my life got better, so will yours! 
    What do you need to give you a reason to live?

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