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What Treatment or Therapy Have You Tried Last to Cure Autism?

Dear parent or patient with autism:
I am conducting a survey so I can determine factually what works and what doesn't in respect to helping adults or children with autism in any tiny, detectable way. I need honest feedback. Here are a few questions:
1) What therapy or treatment have you used last to cure autism?
2) What were your initial impressions and expectations about this treatment/therapy?
3) During and towards the completion of the administered treatment/therapy, did you observe any significantly noticeable improvement in your behavior or child's behavior?
4) How long did you use this treatment/therapy?
5) Did you use the treatment/therapy only once?
6) Would you highly recommend it to other parents or adults with autism? Why or why not?
I truly appreciate your taking the time to complete this survey.
  • There is no cure for autism. So I'd just give up there.

    There's all the research you need done for you. Nothing more to see here.

  • I am finding camel milk very helpful.  

  • I found these guys very knowledgeable on the subject!

  • I tried spinning around for hours on end - I can't say I'm less autistic - but I'm very dizzy.

  • Hi , obviously you have not read community rule number 8, nor possibly also community rule number 9 ~ which state:

    8.) Requests for research study subjects and surveys need to be directed to for data protection and research ethics reasons. Further information can be found on our research pages. Please be advised that any requests for research subjects or surveys posted on the Community will be deleted without warning.

    9.) Media casting and research should be directed to our Press team by emailing Please be advised that any media casting requests not endorsed by the charity will be deleted without warning.

    Asking about cures for autism tend to be quite unwelcome by some as it can infer that autistic people are not desired, and it is not unusual that people as such can take offense or return the offense by being dismissive, using mockery or else getting the point across using good humor ~ or as in this case explaining the problem and providing the correct procedures to follow regarding research projects for treating autistic comorbidities. 

  • Hi NAS63560,

    As Deepthought has noted, using the forums to conduct surveys or other forms of research is against the community rules, so I'm afraid this thread will be locked.

    Best wishes,

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