Another meltdown - ruminations

So, I was starting to hit the buffers late last month due to pressure from various work related things.

Anyway I blew up in work, outing the bully in front of a lot of colleagues, outing the contradiction of Work with Equality Act 2010 and going quite far.

Triggers leading up to it:-

  1. Two years under the bully and needing to forget the history yet I am still under the spotlight due to his focus on certain Policies but not others.
  2. Taking things literally and struggling to cope with the contradictions I am told.
  3. Never been involved/consulted over role/tasks and failing the millstones again.
  4. I am supposedly best suited for these tasks but nobody understands the actual requirements (I Say it is War and Peace and they say it has to be a pamphlet).
  5. Access to Work badgering me to agree to a visit date when I needed management agreement on it.
  6. OH following procedure, probably under pressure from HR, adding pressure (Need a diagnosis and providing recommendations to company which they duly ignore).

So, what happens next, I do not know or care about them but I know the future is bright and great